Here are a few things in particular I've been thinking about recently:

Big Sticky Problems

I thoroughly enjoy learning new things- especially when there is a lot of different information moving very quickly. I get bored very easily and love having something new to do every day. Particular interests center around cybersecurity.

Giving back

If there's one thing that I find more motivating than any other, it's by far the opportunity to help others. I am fortunate enough to be able to find time in my life to volunteer or apply my skills to pro-bono work. I find that even the smallest projects are the most important if they help others. 

Art + Design

As a visual thinker with a lifelong love of fine art and design,  I am interested in various design methodologies. Heuristics matter and form our opinions, assumptions, and biases. Understanding how visual design and a persons aesthetic can persuade or dissuade an audience is something of constant interest.


To complement my interest in large external groups and cultures, I'm also interested in the internal optimization of our everyday habits and how things like nutrition, mindfulness, and biohacking techniques play a part in our happiness and productivity.

Endurance Events

I'm a lifelong athlete and in my spare time love training for and competing in endurance events. Some people call this crazy but I have a blast.


Especially if it involves nature, coffee, meeting awesome new people, and fantastic food.