Talkabot ATX Meetup

Nov 2016 

All about chatbots as the new interaction

Connections: Europe

Nov 2016 

Personalizing the User Experience: Innovative Interfaces

WebCamp Zagreb

Oct 2016

Bots, AI APIs, and messy interactions 

API Days Paris

Dec 2015 

Panel: The future of AI APIs

API Days Paris

Dec 2015 

Machine learning APIs, IBM Watson, and Skynet 

API Strat

Nov 2015 

Keynote with Elliot Turner of AlchemyAPI

Puppet Conf

Sept 2015 

Session: Thriving in Bureaucratic Environments

IBM Craft Conf

Sept 2015 

Session: User Research & Offering Management: A Love Story

Self Conference

May 2015 

Session: Everything is fine. Nothing is fine. Lessons learned from transitioning roles.


March 2015

Session: The Perfect Partnership - Small Companies & Big Corporations

Ad:Tech NYC

Nov 2014 

Session: Panel on Women in Tech

Puppet Conf 

Sept 2014 

Session: What Developers and Operations can learn from Design

IBM International Women's Day

June 2014

Session: Panel on IBM Design Thinking and culture in the workplace




General Assembly: Intro to Product Management slides

Quote featured in Orange Silicon Valley: Learning from Machine Intelligence

My less infrequently writing: Medium




Cohort 3 with Seth Godin

Stanford University on Coursera

Machine Learning with Andrew Ng

University of North Texas

Bachelors in Fine Arts




Dec 2014- 2015

The Girls Empowerment Network of Austin is a fantastic organization in Austin that works to provide resources to girls so that they make wise choices about their futures. I organized a design-thinking workshop with the girls and also participated in career days with middle-school girls.

Co-Founder IBM Design Lady Hack

Sept 2014- March 2015

Worked with other designers to bring a design thinking workshop into a schools in collaboration with GenAustin. 

Creative Mornings

April 2013- 2016

Creative Mornings is an international breakfast lecture series for the creative community. The Austin chapter is sorta like a TED talk but with breakfast tacos. I was the sponsorship organizer for a time and then worked as a event volunteer as I could.